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I've created a tool external link for web designers to facilitate the creation of valid HTML5 external link semantic schema's.

The semantic web is important because it allows search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex) to comprehend the content of web pages.

As I was trying to create a Wordpress template for La Casa del Holandés, I became aware of external link . I added a schema to La Casa del Holandés, but I found it difficult to get all the tags correct.

It surprised me greatly that there was no tool for generating valid schema's, even though there is a tool for validating them.

So, I decided to program a tool myself. The result is this Free Software external link The first ever open source software I'm publishing

This tool was written using:

You can read the Online Help external link

You can also read the Technical documentation external link

I spent considerable time developing this software. If you find this software useful, don't hesitate to make a donation.

It's possible to view and download the project at Github external link