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Freelance programmer

Gredos Vulture

A Dutch freelance programmer, living in Extremadura.

For the last 25+ years, I've lived and worked in Spain.

March 2016, I published a free software tool external link, developed in Python.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence external link from the University of Utrecht. My specialty, in Artificial Intelligence, is Human-Computer Interaction; how to design systems to be useful/usable for humans.

As a programmer, I've professionally worked with a number of languages.

I've decided to specialize in Excel VBA and Python

You may wonder "Why?"

Excel is my favorite software tool. You can do just about anything in Excel, and with VBA you can really do anything.

Python is an interpreted language with a very interesting philosophy. It has significant whitespace, which allows for less verbosity. It also has an excellent standard library which let's you do anything. This is the "batteries included" external link philosophy.

What surprised me most when I started programming with Python, was the ease with which you can solve problems. After doing a couple of projects for myself, and especially after my first free software project Schema <Generator>, I continue to feel that Python is a great language.


I'm doing some activities that are not professionally relevant. I'm the president of a local association, and I'm the secretary of a local sports club.

My hobbies include archery, dancing and reading.

Every once in a while, I write some wacky idea in blog format. You can read my latest blog posts external link here.